​​The Routine Service Call

Typically a non-emergency break/fix call is similar to many calls we  respond to on a weekly basis.  Except in the most extreme heat  conditions, we are able to dispatch technicians to your site and have  this service quickly addressed 

​Emergency Services

The unexpected system failure on a weekend at your church, a medical  facility where comfort is critical for patients, or a school wing with  classes in session all constitute an emergency need.  These situations  and other similar circumstances all demand extraordinary response.   Metro maintains adequate staff to meet your needs assuring a timely  response.  Technicians are on call nights and weekends for any special  after hours services needed.  Our phones are answered with personal  service 24/7 to be sure you get action needed to get your system back up  and running. 

​Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the modern money saving approach to HVAC  system maintenance.  Studies by real estate management companies across  the U.S. document the value of a properly maintained system.  A full  array of inspections, analysis, filters, and system cleaning insure your  mechanical equipment is operating at peak performance.  The building  owner benefits with reduced energy consumption, improved comfort, less  downtime, and increased life expectancy of the HVAC equipment. 

Equipment Replacement

Using the analogy of the television set, your car, or a computer, every  item wears out, becomes obsolete, or gets too costly to continue  repairs.  When that day arrives, Metro has professional staff in place  to assist in the proper selection of new equipment that best meets your  building needs and budget.  As part of the Metro family, our service  division has access to many levels of services related to renovations.  A  system replacement may only require a crane and technicians to install  the new unit.  It may require roofing, new electrical service, ductwork  changes, or other modifications.  All of these and many other services  are a phone call away.  Metro can be your single source for every  comfort issue.